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Monday, December 4, 2017

|Lifestyle| Milk + Honey + Relationships

Back in my early 20’s I went through one of the roughest and hardest break ups I have had to endure.

It truly took a toll on me emotionally and physically. I think the worst part was the toll it took on the love I had for myself.

I felt incomplete now that I wasn’t a couple, I felt as though I was not capable of being loved, like I was not worth any ones time or attention.

I mean if he didn’t want me, then who would? Why didn’t he want me? Why wasn’t I enough? All thoughts that plagued my mind for a long time.

I haven’t thought about that breakup in a while, but I recently bought Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and some of her poems reminded me of that time. 

I think we all remember our “first love” or our first “big girl” relationship.

The book is separated into 4 parts:
The Hurting
The Loving
The Breaking
The Healing

Each poem is so powerful and beautiful. I can relate to them all on some level. 

Even though I am now married with 3 kids her words took me back to a time when I was still learning myself and my worth.

When I met my husband I wasn’t that same 22 year old girl, I was stronger. Older. Wiser.

I’d decided what I wanted in a relationship, what I wasn’t going to put up with, and how I deserved to be treated. My husband is also a completely different man than my ex. The foundation of friendship I have with him is irreplaceable.

I can truly say he is my best friend, I can honestly say that (heaven forbid) if we had to co-parent I know we would be able to do it because of the friendship we have with one another and that is so very important to me.

I’m thankful for that hurt, for that break up, for my undoing, and for my growth. It’s made me a better person and led me to someone who knew how to love me because I learned to love myself.

I love this book so much that I am hosting a giveaway, I want to share her words with someone else. It’s really easy to enter– all you have to do is leave a comment below! Winner announced 12/11! 

- M

Monday, November 13, 2017

|Fashion| Namaste

The last two weeks have been uber hectic and busy. Our water heater broke and flooded the garage, I had to travel for work, I caught a cold, we had a weekend trip to see family, I found out I have to get a root canal (boooo!) and parent teacher conferences!


I'm hoping this week we can take a minute to just catch our breath before the cray of the holidays is upon us!

Deep. Yoga. Breaths.

Also, am I the only one that didn't realize Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Yes, next week! I have yet to buy a turkey, plan a menu or anything!

Where did November go?!

PS: Thanks to Wine and Couture for posting this dress, I had to buy it! 



Monday, October 23, 2017

|Fashion| Fall Vibes

So, I bought this dress back in know, when Fall was supposed to start? Yep, I had high hopes.

I know, I know, I live in NC - Fall doesn't start until November. What can I say, I was being optimistic and HELLO - THIS DRESS!! 

Receipt: Dress | Booties (Similar) | Purse (Similar)
I'm a sucker for a shirt dress + a plaid print...I also can't go into Target without getting distracted and buying things I don't need. (If I'm being honest this happens in most stores, but shhhh 😉).

It's finally cooled down enough for me to pair it with some booties and the look gives me major fall vibes, the only thing missing is a chai latte!

What gives you Fall Vibes?