Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Night Football

Football season in my house means spending time listening to my husband yell at the TV until the Super Bowl in February. He's either happy with his team or angry with his team...pretty typical for most football fans.

Because we live in NC, he doesn't get to see his beloved Detroit Lions often, so sometimes we'll head out to a local bar to watch them play and have a few wings and beers [I'm no salad eating date!]. Just because we're going to a bar to watch sports, doesn't mean there isn't an opportunity to be fashionable!

My husband would love to sport Megatron's jersey!

Fanatic Jerseys is a great site to purchase team gear for affordable prices. They have such a versatile selection for all the sports and teams you can imagine!

And while I do think female jerseys are cute, I chose to go the color themed route, and mix and match team colors.

Receipt: Hat - Hubby's|Dress - My Pink Heels Boutique| Booties - Zappos

One last thing: GOOOOOO LIONS!! 
#DefendTheDen :)


  1. Football does not have to mean sweats and a jersey! Love how you incorporated the team colors and jazzed it up but tossing in that printed belt. Super cute!

  2. I love the hat paired with the dress! so super cute and blue is definitely your color!

    cute & little

  3. Super Cute, I love how you added a little style to Monday nights:)


  4. I'm a Packer fan who now lives near Detroit, so I always get plenty of Lions. Love it when I get my Packers!

  5. I love the idea of making jerseys fashionable - but I think a cute dress in the right color with a cap is even better ;)

  6. That's such a cute idea to dress up with a cute dress like you have on and also support your team at the same time! Adoring this look girl!

  7. While I don't mind jersey and such when the time is right, I also love just wearing colors that support the team in something much cuter. It all depends on my mood. About an hour North of Detroit, so I get all the Lion love I can handle. lol

  8. I don't know much about American football as I live in UK but you look fantastic in blue plus I love your brown booties!

  9. They have cool sports gear! I love that dress you're wearing Marissa. The color and cut looks so good on you.

  10. Nice dress!

    xo T.