Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Series| Wednesday Wants

I have quite a few Pinterest boards filled with items I want to order or that are 'wishlist' items for one day when I win the lotto! :)

I decided to turn it into a new series on the blog - so I hereby declare Wednesday's on the blog a day for wants!

You're in for a treat because to start this series off I'm doing a combo of Wednesday Wants mixed with Save vs Splurge!

These Prada glasses have been on my Radar for over a year now [I'm seriously obsessed!], but at almost $300 it's just not something I can fit into my budget. You know daycare, bills, being a responsible adult - yada yada ;0)

Well, while surfing the interwebs the other day I came across this awesome Prada look-alike! I mean seriously they're identical twins! Plus the lower price point makes me a lot less stressed about forgetting them somewhere or sitting on them and breaking them - which I am notorious for with my sunnies. I never buy an expensive pair!

What do you think?

This non splurge should def win me some brownie points with the hubs! ;-)

Speaking of wants - Have you entered my Zass Design giveaway? You can win a fabulous pair of eco-friendly chic earrings!


  1. I've always loved that design and glad you found us something more affordable Marissa.

  2. I wanted those sunglasses for so long too! I found a look-alike at Fabrik in Cameron Village!


  3. Love it when you can find a good look-alike! these are a must and so affordable!
    Chic on the Cheap