Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review| Rose Wholesale

To know me, is to know I LURVE a bargain! Being a working mom I am definitely on a budget and with baby #2 on the way I know our budget is about to get even tighter so I’ll be hunting for even more steals and deals. That’s why I was happy to learn about Rose Wholesale! Trendy fashions for bargain prices!

Rose Wholesale offers affordable, high quality, and chic fashions for the budget savvy fashionista.

They were kind enough to send me this quilted handbag which I love. It’s got plenty of space so it can easily double as a fashionable diaper bag when the baby is here! The straps feel sturdy and strong, while the bag itself isn't too bulky and I feel has a classic look not just a trendy look. 

I have my eyes on this dress and this dress! Maybe a little "after baby" gift to myself! :)

Be sure to browse their site

I just wanted to apologize for my absence, this pregnancy has been a bit hard for me and I needed a few days to rest, I'm working on catching up on your blogs and commenting so please be patient with me! 


  1. Love the bag! And those maxi dresses are EVERYTHING! I will definitely be ordering from Rose Wholesale very soon & probably often! They have amazing deals!

  2. Tres Chic preggo lady! Loving the bag
    Will have to check if Rose Wholesale ships to APO addresses and if so I am in TROUBLE because I see some maxi dresses that are calling my name!

  3. Don't apologize, you need your rest to take care of that baby!
    Love the bag, it's a beautiful piece.

  4. That bag is super sharp Marissa! I love it! Love that sweater on you. The color is gorgeous on you. Relax and get some rest girl.