Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Funnies| 3rd Trimester Edition

#Truestory. ;)


I like Talenti or Hagen Daz. Please and Thank you! 

After everything women go through during the 9 months of pregnancy, they DESERVE a maternity break. I vote the start sending new moms on maternity leave cruises! 

Can you guys tell I'm ready to have this baby?! LOL
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but by the end of your 3rd trimester you're just done. And I am done. 
Looking forward to my baby shower this weekend and some rest and relaxation! 
Cheers to the weekend! 


  1. This definitely gave me a little chuckle this morning! I'll tell you that I'm not looking forward to being full term in August. I'm praying for a mild summer!

  2. I had my son in June of 2010, I couldn't even imagine being preggo in August! I'll pray for a mild summer for you as well! :)

    And congrats on your bundle of joy!

  3. HaHa! The sentiment is shared by many in those later stages. Girl, on the news this woman in NOLA was pregnant and went to this ritzy doughnut shop. Girl, she had the baby right there! I would've freaked the F out! I guess she never got any doughnuts or anyone else for that matter. LOL I bet the owners are saying OF ALL THE DOUGHNUT SHOPS YOU PICK THIS ONE! HAHAHAHA

  4. i just had my baby about a month ago so yeah i really know how you feel. Just enjoy sleeping as much as you can :) coz when that baby is out you wont be getting much of it hehehe. So excited for you and hope you have a great baby shower!!!

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