Monday, March 25, 2013

hello again friend

Well hello there friends! I feel like it has been a while...I apologize for the sporadic posts and inconsistent blogger behavior. My life has felt a bit upside down lately and to be honest I was feeling uninspired. I didn't know what to write about. Posts about outfits I didn’t really care about felt meaningless and like I’d be cheating you, so I did what my mom always said: If you don’t have anything to say - don’t say anything at all. However, when you’re a blogger, that can be a curse. When I started this blog I wanted it to be my “special” place where I could talk about things I love and that make me happy. I didn’t want it to feel like a job or a chore because it’s my happy space.

Lately I have just been in a blogging slump, I’m honestly not sure what I want to do with Shabby, Chic, and Cheap. It’s been such a fun outlet for me and I’ve met amazing people and had great experiences. I’m not quite sure I am ready to let all that go just yet. I may be making some changes though. Instead of only being focused on fashion I might incorporate a little more of my personal life, thoughts, and stories. I hope you don’t mind that I share them :)

Having this blog is like being in a relationship and I don’t want to break up so bear with me as we go through couples therapy.

Thank you all for being such wonderful readers and friends, you truly mean the world to me and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I’ll be back later this week with a fun Avon sponsored giveaway and a post that isn’t so heavy!



  1. i really like your blog & have for ages. i would love it if you continued outfit posts or added more ideas etc. whatever you do, i'll still read it. :D

  2. I can totally relate! For the first time since I've started, I've contemplated quitting. I won't of course because I've put way to much time into it, but it is hard to keep going sometimes! I think as bloggers, we place too much pressure on ourselves. Because the truth is, no one is going to knock down our front door if we miss a post, and no one is going to hate us because we share family photos :) Remember to be authentic to yourself, and everyone will continue to love you :) You can always vent to me too, I am in the same boat :)

  3. Please don't go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so.......I am begging you to stay <3

  4. Hey Marissa, I hope all is well. I see you around Twitter so I'm hoping that you will say hello. Take care.

  5. don't worry, girl!! you write about what YOU want to write about and i'll still be here reading it!