Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almost Friday Blog Hop

hey friends! you heard it, it's thursday! which means we're one step closer to the weekend!
that means it's time for...

the "Almost Friday" Thursday Blog Hop!

the rules are:

1. add the Almost Friday Thursday Blog Hop button to site or blog post.

2. "like" or follow the host and all of these lovely co-hosts on facebook and/or follow them of GFC!*

3. link up your blog, blog post, giveaway down below and make new friends! go visit old friends! follow! comment! spread the love!

4. and have fun! why? because it's almost Friday!

*also, to make sure things are fair, blogs who do not "like" and/or follow the host and all the co-host will be removed.
your host:

Morgan at Quite the Blog

meet your co-hosts:

Christie at Satisfaction through Christ


  1. I absolutely love your blog and how creative you are , so I have nominated it for the "Liebster Blog Award' which translates to favorite blog award! Visit my blog for details :)

  2. What a cute idea! Thank you for the opportunity!