Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Taking a cue from Sydney over at the Daybook and letting you in on some awkward and awesome things that have happened to me recently! 


Wardrobe malfunctions: As in I was sitting in my car in a parking lot one hot [read A GAZILLION
DEGREES] day I took my bothersome strapless bra off (I’m not the only one that’s done this right) only to look up and realize that three cars down I was giving a red Honda civic quite a show #embarrassing

Trying to be superwoman and multitask: While getting into my car, talking on the phone, and trying to load the bags onto the seat with a skirt on…let’s just say I was a one woman flash mob.

That awkward moment when it’s just you and your boss in the break room and you’re not sure what to say so unbearably uncomfortable silence just hangs in the air while you make the world’s fastest cup of coffee.

When you’re trying to cross the street and a car stops and you have to do that awkward wave to say thanks while wogging across the street. Am I the only one that feels weird making eye contact with the driver?

The Receipt: Skirt: Hollister Outlet| Top: Banana Republic (old)| Sandals: Old Navy


After said embarrassing bra incident, having Miss red Honda Civic give me a thumbs up and say “I know exactly how you feel girl”.

Celebrating friend’s birthdays.

Cuddles from my 2 fave guys.

Ice cream sandwiches on hot summer days.

Going shopping for whatever you want because you have a giftcard!

Watching Pretty Little Liars with my pet seester, love that show!

Hope everyone has an awkward and awesome Thursday!



  1. Ha! At least Miss Honda was nice about it. I do that too sometimes.

    And what is with that weird wave. I thought that was just me. lol

    My awkward moment for today came from the guy that did my pedicure. He rubbed on my feet a little too long for my liking and he had a creepy smile on his face. Awkward!

  2. Really cute casual look!!!

    I have had the awkward work moment with my director, said hello and then stood there in silence in the break room while I waited for him to finish warming up his lunch!!

  3. I love the look...........very cute

  4. you look so adorable, marissa! and i can't WAIT FOR TONIGHT!

  5. very awkward...but ur outfit looks great!

  6. HAHAHA Marissa! Thanks for sharing your awkward moments with us. Too funny! LOVE this outfit girly girl. That hot pink and striped skirt look awesome together. Like a doll!