Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm not wearing any pants!

No Pants!


WAIT!! Don't be scared to look!

 I'm not wearing any pants because next week I'll be wearing only dresses and skirts! One thing I love about spring and summer is the return of the maxi dress! I basically live in those when it's hot out! I've recently bought some new dresses and I thought it'd be fun to do a week of dresses/skirts only! I'd love some partners in crime ;-) if you think you're up for the challenge leave me a comment or send me an email [] so we can link up with our daily pictures! 

By this time next week dresses will be taking over the world! Ok that was a little dramatic, but you get the idea :)

Here are a few dresses I've had my eyes on lately, some inspiration if you will...


PS: My prayers were FINALLY answered and instagram is now available for us Android users! Follow me @shabbychiccheap, I spend 8 hours behind a desk BUT things can get pretty crazy at lunch! 


  1. I am pretty sure I could go a month wearing only dresses #dressobsessed

  2. Me too! Especially with all the cute styles this season!

  3. Head to Toe ChicApril 5, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    I loveeee #5! So cute. I hope next week is way warmer than it was today!


  4. I totally live in maxi dresses/skirts, too! Aren't they the best!!! I am not sure what we ever did without them!

  5. I know! and they have so many great styles and patterns out this year!

  6. Me too Angela, it felt like October instead of April today!

  7. I'm up for the challenge. Let me know when we start.

  8. I like #1,4,5,6 & 7..hmmmmm you think I would look like a Hot Mama in any of those ;)

  9. These are all awesome, I'm especially loving 1, 3, and 5!!

  10. I love the warmer weather for this too...I love dresses! I'm putting together a Festival Fever series in May...if you fancy putting together an outfit guest post...and you have time....and want to....then that would be awesome. Think the ultimate picnic/festival/barbecue outfit.
    Contact me on:
    12craftsofcrimbo[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested.

    I am definitely a new GFC follower

  11. Hehe, cute title! I love number 7, what a pretty color! :)

  12. lol! cute! i need to get back into dresses. skirts seem to be taking over my life.