Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ever Wonder...

...What bloggers do on a Friday night? They attend launch parties! Duh!

This Friday I was invited to ClotheHounds launch party for their new website!  It was so fun trying on clothes, meeting other bloggers, and eating all the yummy food! 

I finally got to meet Angela from Head to Toe Chic, you may remember her from the guest post she did a few weeks ago! I also got to see the pictures from the photo shoot I did, I felt so famous! I also won the raffle for my very first pair of Hanky Pankys! 

Of course I picked up a few things to add to my closet, they have such a variety of clothes and accessories all under $150! My new sunnies were just $15! Many of the items I bought are available on their website so go check it out! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Angela from Head to Toe Chic, rocking the floral and peplum trend along with her fashionable sister! 

Shorts: Enchanted Rose Garden {Purchase}
Earrings: Ever so Lovely {Purchase}


  1. I wish I lived somewhere bloggers actually had the opportunity to meet up!! Looked like a fun time!

  2. that looks like so much fun! happy for you.

  3. i agree, it looks like so much fun!

  4. Def a fun way to spend your friday!! love blogger events!

  5. Really looks like such a great time!! That's awesome that you won a raffle too : )

  6. I love all the pictures! It was so much fun!