Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Trend

Trend Alert!

One of fall’s hottest colors is turquoise and teal! It’s been featured on the runway and in magazines all over! Today I wore a nice teal sweater layered over a button down collared shirt. Not something I would typically wear but the more I work on this blog the more I am starting to come out of my fashion shell and explore some different looks and pair different pieces in my closet together! It’s amazing because it’s like gaining a new wardrobe, I realized how safe I usually dress, and that sometimes taking fashion risks can be a good thing! Below are some of my fave and more importantly AFFORDABLE teal finds!

Side note: In answer to a reader’s question, if the pictures posted look too small just click on them to enlarge! Thanks for reading, keep sending in your comments, questions, and suggestions to love hearing from you! J

Vibrant Feather Necklace - From Forever 21 click here to order

Teal Shirt by Express - on sale for $19.90 click here to order

My absolute FAVE! Teal shoes by Marais USA [as featured in Glamour Magazine] - $64 click here to order.

Pair bold colors with neutrals [like my nude shoes]


  1. Very Nice!!
    You are hired as my personal fashion assistant :)

  2. I love this color. And it looks great on you!