Tuesday, October 11, 2011

♫ Bargain Tuesday ♫

[Music to my ears]

Hey bargainista’s {Pretty sure I just made up that word, but let’s roll with it!} it’s that time of the week again! 

That’s right: it’s Bargain Tuesday!! I found some very awesome bargains over the weekend, despite my one regret. Let’s all have a moment of silence for my lost bargain *sigh*. Click here to find out about the bargain that got away L

Ok – time to move on! I’ve learned my lesson J and there were other bargains to be found! Like a pair of very cool platform heels sure to go perfectly with some trouser-wowzer pants and lots of beautiful accessories to play dress up with!

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All this for less than $20! 
$7 - Charlotte Russe 
Evil Eye Necklace - $2
Square Mosaic Necklace - $2
Feather Earrings - $2
Copper Earrings - $1
Blue Chandelier Earrings - $1
Netted Purple Earrings - $1
Courtesy of Glitter - My new favorite store! 



  1. I am tempted to go to Charlotte Russe but.......I will have many shoes to choose from soon ;)
    Love your bargains .........
    I thought I had a deal from Old Navy with some T-Shirts and tops for $3.00 and a skirt for $12.50.....

  2. Coincidentally I actually was in Charlotte Russe today, totally forgot to check out the shoes...I seriously need to go back, those shoes are cute. I usually check out the shoes there, because I get most of my flats from that store.

    and I passed by a store named Glitter(another coincidence) today as well, I didn't have time to actually stop in, I was in a rush, but next time I might actually stop in. I love finding cute accessories!

  3. Girl, I love reading your blog. I think my favorite part is all the little "click here" links to easily guide you to where you can go to purchase stuff or get extra info on something. I really is great! How else was I support to EASILY get to the H&M site of that dress that I am definitely gonna buy on payday!

    Keep it up girl!