Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm NOT wearing any pants!!! Well, after today...

So last post was on how awesome trouser pants are and my declaration of Monday 9.19.2011 as National Trouser Pants Day [Somehow I don't think everyone got the memo] I still celebrated! Starting tomorrow I'm only wearing dresses or skirts {atleast until Saturday}, NO pants!! If you know me, you know I LURVE me some jeans so this will be a bit challenging, stay tuned for pics!! In the meantime check out my trouser pants, WOWza pants!!

Shirt: Ross $5.99
Trouser Pants: H&M $26.99
Belt: Ross $3.00
Shoes: Dillards $23.99 [End of season sale, they were originally $80]
Bracelet: Gift from Mom
Ring: AMAZING gift from husband [IE: Wedding band set :)]
Total cost of outfit: $59.97 without tax*

Yes, that is a Nancy Drew book. Yes, I think she is awesome. And maybe I have a secret urge to solve mysteries with my friends in a convertible all around town ;-)



Kudos to Mr. Larry Williams for his amazing photo editing skills
No Pants idea courtesy of runningonhappiness


  1. I was told that blogging is just graffiti with punctuation. Your blog has proven that statement incorrect, Marissa. I am inspired by your fashion sense and thriftiness. xoxo ~ Angela ~

  2. I've always wanted to be Nancy Drew too.

  3. You have the cutest style Marissa! What is the name of the nail polish you are wearing, it's really pretty

  4. Thanks Davina! It's called Gossip and it's by the Ice brand from Wal-Mart! :)

  5. Thanks Marissa, I need to check that out!