Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Am...

Who I Am...

I am...26 years old.

I always be happy and surrounded with love <3

I much to be thankful for.

I travel the world.

I hate...condescending people!

I fear...the state of our country and our world.

I hear...the sound of the rain falling.

I search...for the perfect photograph to take.

I wonder...about my future.

I regret...nothing because I am where life needs me to be even if it’s hard sometimes..

I husband and son. More than anything.

I ache...when I see people suffering.

I always...try to be better today than yesterday.

I my husband’s ear off right before we go to sleep.

I am not...going to allow anyone to define me.

I my own music.

I sing...but my son is the only one that likes my singing!

I never...go to bed angry

I sometimes...check my closet for monsters

I cry...very easily

I am not always...rational.

I lose...myself when I am reading a good book.

I am some peoples actions towards others

I always make sure Ethan is taken care of.

I should...never stop reaching for the stars.

Who Are You?

Dress by Be Bop - Ross
Shoes by Merona - Target
Necklace - Gift from mom